How many children may a licensed facility care for at one time?
There are several criteria that determine a facility’s licensed capacity. These include:

  • Square footage for indoor and outdoor areas;
  • The current age of the child; mixed age groups.

What happens if my child gets sick while they are at the licensed facility?
Policy states that we are unable to take children who are possibly contagious. Some possible signs of an contagious illness may include vomiting, a high fever (over 100.08), and/or diarrhea. A Staff member is required to contact you when signs of illness are observed. Please call if you have any question regarding illness.

Will I be charged when my child is not there?
Yes, you will be charged the same amount each week unless you use a vacation day.

How many Vacation days does each child get?
Each child will receive 6 vacation days a year., starting in January- December.

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